The PCSBV is a volunteer driven grassroots society with 60 members each of whom has indicated a willingness to participate in achieving our mission.  In the past two years, our volunteers have conducted research and made multiple visits to other hospices in the Calgary and Southern Alberta region to get a sense of what palliative care needs must be met. We have accumulated a data base of current palliative care providers in the Bow Valley but have discovered that there is no coordinated approach to providing this palliative care. Our goal is to build the infrastructure necessary to create an inventory of services which can then be organized in a manageable way so that people and families are matched with the palliative care services they require.

Having achieved incorporation as a society and registered charity status, and with a Board of Directors now into its second fiscal year, work is ramping up to promote collaboration throughout our 10 communities in the Bow Valley – Cochrane, Stoney Nakoda First Nation, Kananaskis Settlement, Lac des Arcs, Dead Man’s Flats, Exshaw, Canmore, Harvie Heights, Banff and Lake Louise.

We also recently reviewed our plan with Alberta Health Services to construct a palliative care house for the Bow Valley in Canmore. Unfortunately, funds are not available at present to support further hospice beds in the Calgary Zone – of which our communities are a part. While we still aspire to construct a stand-alone hospice in Canmore, we have many alternative options available and will be pursuing each one. Our Chair has issued a letter further elaborating on the situation.

We want to ensure availability of high-quality, primary, rural, palliative and end-of-life care. Currently, the PCSBV has divided its focus of activity into two areas.

  1. Building palliative care capacity in the Bow Valley; and,
  2. Providing for a palliative care unit in the Bow Valley.

We welcome any comments or suggestions you have!