PCSBV History

In April, 2014, the first meeting of the emerging Palliative Care Society of the Bow Valley (PCSBV) was held. It was attended by those who were passionate about bringing a comprehensive program of palliative care services, including hospice care, to the Bow Valley. Since then, many organizational activities have been undertaken, including the development of a Mission, Vision, Values, Objects and Bylaws.

In December 2015, the PCSBV made application to Canada Revenue Agency – Charities Directorate to register as a charity under the Income Tax Act. In February 2016, the PCSBV applied to Service Alberta – Corporate Registry to form a society. On April 20, 2016, the PCSBV was incorporated as a society in Alberta. On May 30, 2016 the PCSBV was registered as a charitable organization.

A Special General Meeting of members was held September 12, 2016 to elect a formal Board of Directors. Its first Board meeting was held September 30, 2016. Seven working committees were established, including three standing committees.

In October 2016, a meeting was held between AHS, Cumming School of Medicine (Strategic Partnerships & Community Engagement) at the University of Calgary and the PCSBV.  The mandate of AHS includes increasing palliative care in rural areas and the initiative being driven by PCSBV was seen as an opportunity to pilot a service delivery method.  The Cumming School viewed the PCSBV initiative as a way to conduct qualitative research in community based palliative care and to find ways to enhance community based medical services.  The process of building a hospice is a multi-year process.  AHS advised PCSBV to continue working on building capacity in the Bow Valley in terms of palliative care programs that exist or need to exist which are not covered by Alberta Health Care.  Further dialogue over the past year and a half has involved working jointly through these processes.

On March 11, 2017 we conducted, along with the Cumming School, a World Cafe for health care professionals involved in palliative and end-of-life care. In April and May 2017 we jointly conducted 6 public Community Conversations (two in each of Banff, Canmore and Cochrane). The sessions, attended by over 140 people, provided a rich and diverse commentary on current and future palliative and end-of-life care needs and issues in the Bow Valley. Read the findings in the Bow Valley Palliative and End-of-Life Care Community Engagement Report.

March 31, 2017 marked our first fiscal year-end. The first Annual General Meeting of the PCSBV was held on June 19, 2017 resulting in approval of its first set of financial statements, changes to some bylaws and election of a new Board of Directors.